Shifty - Flying Lotus - 1983


  1. Akinokasa
    Good, but the worst album by Flying Lotus. Highs: São Paulo, , Bad Actors Lows: Babble, Unexpected Delight (I don't know why the shit like Unexpected Delight can be on this album with the other good experimental songs!)/5(20).
  2. Mizragore
    Oct 03,  · Listen to Shifty by Flying Lotus and discover more similar Trip-Hop songs like Pet Monster Shotglass, , Orbit Brazil on EDM Hunters.
  3. Kajibei
    To the timid or slightly uneducated music listener, Flying Lotus would be an easily cast-aside "electronic" release. I mean really, someone that is not cultured in the sounds of Aphex Twin, Madlib, and other such premier "electronic" producers would in no way be able to comprehend the beautiful mishmash of genres that is present on ""/5(20).
  4. Gashura
    Flying Lotus (or Alice Coltrane's great-nephew) proves that Plug Research is the perfect home for him with his debut full-length, /
  5. Jugami
    Dec 24,  · Flying Lotus is a master of the beatmaking, and the most amazing thing about it, is that he has his own style, his flow doesn't sound like anybody, and I love it when I can actually say this about any artist, I mean, you can't place his sounds anywhere, just listen to the track "" and you'll get what i'm saying, one of my favorite songs ever/5().
  6. Nikoramar
    Sep 13,  · And most importantly, Flying Lotus is a visionary, so get ready to meet your favorite new producer is the first full-length album from Flying Lotus, originally released on Plug Research in The album was an introduction for most to a sound that connected the fractured, funky soul of Dilla and Madlib to the more psychedelic downtempo of Daedelus, Nobody and other kindred spirits.5/5(6).

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